MdR signs contract with Farabi Petrochemicals Company

MdR recently signed a 5-year contract with Farabi Petrochemicals Company, the largest producer of Linear Alkyl Benzene in the Middle East. In line with the agreement, MdR will provide operation, maintenance, and product handling services at the company’s Jubail facility. MdR will also oversee loading and unloading, warehouse management, and supply chain and maintenance works.

MdR Operations Manager Bart Darcis said: “Our main contribution to the Farabi project is experience. Our technical knowledge of liquid handling and expertise in drumming ensure that we are well-positioned to oversee these complex operations. Over the years, MdR has built a solid reputation on the pillars of safety, quality, and maintaining the highest standards.”

He added: “The utilization of multiskilled operators and processes are vital to ensure the project’s success. Farabi produces specialized chemicals and is still in its start-up phase, which means there are fluctuations in demand and several requirements that need to be addressed. As such, MdR remains focused on being flexible and adaptive while maintaining the safety and quality standards we are known for.”

With its extensive expertise in chemical handling and skilled workforce, MdR looks forward to playing a key role in enhancing the efficiency of Farabi’s supply chain.