Huge heavy lift movement completed safely

Almajdouie Logistics safely and successfully completed a huge heavy lift movement for the Al Fanar project, transporting cargo measuring 13,260 x 4,740 x 6,300 metres (L x W x H) and weighing 470 tons. The operation required careful planning among different parties.

The journey took place in stages, the first of which saw the cargo moved 150km from Shuqaiq Power Plant to Jizan Port. The second stage saw the cargo transported from Jeddah Islamic Port to Jeddah South Power Plant, covering 50 km.

Before the operation, our LHL engineering and operations teams conducted a route
survey in coordination with SEC that showed significant road modifications were required to accommodate the dimensions of the cargo. This included creating bypass roads from Shuqiaq to Jizan, reinforcing roads with backfilling compaction, and creating a temporary bypass bridge that allowed us to cross a sewage water canal near Jeddah Hiraj.

The authorities gave us three days to build the bypass, cross with the cargo, and dismantle it, all without blocking the flow of water. MLC Heavy Lift staff prepared the bridge according to Civil Defense and Jeddah Municipality recommendations, and the cargo passed safely within the approved time frame. In addition, 84 powerlines along the route had to be temporarily shut down and lifted. This was particularly challenging because SEC needed to arrange alternate sources to avoid causing any disruption.

The height of the cargo also presented a significant challenge as we had to avoid overhead bridges and signboards along the route. With the support of the Highway and Traffic Police, we were able to move against traffic and travel across several small roads inside towns.

Due to the COVID19- situation, extra attention was given to ensure that operations staff complied with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. As usual, a safety officer was assigned during the movement for monitoring and implementation.