Almajdouie Logistics Sustainability efforts - Committed to sustainability

With a view to long-term growth, Almajdouie Logistics' sustainable development strategy focuses on six key pillars: care and wellbeing, environment preservation, sustainable end-to-end logistics operations, digital adaptation, management systems integration, and team diversity. These pillars, which include 30 distinct targets aimed at improving performance across the organization, are in line with the UN Sustainable development Goals.

The care and wellbeing goal is focused on providing a nurturing and secure work environment for all employees to achieve their highest potential. The environment preservation goal is centered on protecting the environment and combating climate change.

The goal of sustainable end-to-end logistics operations reflects the company's aspirations to be the Kingdom's leading organization in terms of providing this objective. Digital adaptation supports Almajdouie's aim to optimize its operational and organizational capabilities through digital transformation and innovation.

Management systems integration reflects the company's objective of implementing an effective integrated management system to support continuous improvement. Finally, the goal of team diversity demonstrates Almajdouie's aspiration to be the Kingdom's most inclusive and diverse company.

To achieve these goals, the company rolled out a series of initiatives, which began in September 2021 and will continue until November 2022. By the end of this year, Almajdouie will have introduced sustainable development aspirations and strategies, conducted a materiality assessment related to sustainability, invested in developing sustainable strategies, utilized Sustainability Accounting Standard Board (SASB) requirements as a benchmark in sustainability reporting and performance monitoring, and developed key performance indicators based on sustainable development.

By 2025, Almajdouie aims to reduce its CO2 emissions up to 20% by optimizing operational processes and utilizing sustainable materials when possible, further reflecting the company's commitment to sustainability. Almajdouie is also conducting a feasibility study as part of plans to utilize hydrogen-powered trucks. Moreover, the company has implemented sustainable development awareness campaigns and activities to encourage employees to be more environmentally conscious and help the Kingdom achieve its sustainability goals.

Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints drastically impact the environment and the communities we live in. As such, environmental sustainability is a major area of focus for the logistics and supply chain industry. By implementing sustainable development initiatives today, the industry can play an important role in creating a cleaner and brighter future.