Automotive Logistics

As a leader in automotive logistics, we support every stage of your supply chain, from the supply of components to the distribution of new vehicles and spare parts. We also provide a comprehensive range of value-added services to help you respond to challenges in the automotive market.

We offer a wide range of inbound logistics services, such as supplier component collection, reusable packaging, warehousing, and delivery to site. We provide outbound logistics services, including transportation to a compound or direct delivery to dealers, storage and maintenance, preparation and customisation (Post Production Operations and Pre Delivery Inspection, including diagnostics, mechanical tests, valeting and final quality control), and delivery to distributors.

Our accessories and spare parts logistics services include delivery from supplier to distribution centre, stock management, deconsolidation / consolidation, distribution to point of sale, and return management.

Our integrated offerings, which also include customs clearance services, provide customers with ease of use by having a single point of contact.

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