A Proactive Approach to Asset Management

  • A Proactive  Approach to Asset  Management

    A Proactive Approach to Asset Management

    Working alongside a dedicated team of professionals, General Manager of Asset Management, Eyad Arafa oversees the development and implementation of the company’s asset management strategies. He explains the important function of asset management and how it helps Almajdouie Logistics to exceed customers’ expectations. As an asset-based company offering a range of services spanning diverse sectors, effective asset management plays a key role at Almajdouie Logistics. Backed by an expansive fleet of vehicles and trailers, and 2 million SQM of terminal and warehousing facilities, we provide customers with unique solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Accordingly, we take great care to make sure our assets operate efficiently and safely.

    We continuously work to develop and implement asset management strategies that ensure optimal returns on investment and the most effective deployment of company assets. Our systematic approach also helps to control and identify the value and condition of assets throughout their life cycles.

    Stringent standards, policies, and procedures are in place to ensure all assets operate safely and at maximum efficiency. The process starts from the day we procure an asset and enter it into our Enterprise Resource Planning system. After that, we begin to monitor, plan, and  register all maintenance activity. We also conduct quarterly inspections using advanced tools to ensure the reliability of assets during operation.

    We put a substantial amount of time and effort into making sure our assets are ready to serve our customers’ evolving needs. This includes obtaining and preparing the required documentation to ensure compliance with government standards, and conducting frequent maintenance to  keep all assets operating safely and efficiently.

    How our assets are used also factors into our asset management approach. Our control tower manages the activity of each asset to maximise productivity and efficiency. In addition, our advanced asset tracking system manages and monitors activities such as driver behaviour, speed  breaking, geo-fencing, and acceleration. The results speak for themselves. We frequently conduct auctions to retire our older assets and have found that the resale value is higher than similar assets, largely due to our reputation for keeping our equipment in the best possible condition.

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